How the Romans Betrayed Their Protector and Got Sacked for It with Don Hollway

The Sons of History Podcast
October 3, 2022
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We have reached the very end of Ancient Rome: AD 410. Don Hollway, the author of “At the Gates of Rome: The Fall of the Eternal City, A.D. 410,” joins the podcast to discuss his new book and what all led to the sack of Rome in this momentous year. How did Barbarian blood keep Goths and others from attaining the respect of pure blooded Roman citizens? How did that lead to the sack of the Eternal City? What were the difficulties of having the Roman Empire split in two: East and West? Who were Stilicho and Alaric and what parts did they play in this whole drama?

Don Hollway joined us last season to discuss his first book: "The Last Viking." He is a regular contributor to History Magazine, Military Heritage, Military History, Renaissance Magazine and more. He is also a history reenactor. And he has a new book that we are going to discuss: "At the Gates of Rome: The Fall of the Eternal City, AD 410."

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