Landmark 2022 SCOTUS Session and the Struggle for Personal Freedom in the US with Joe Wolverton

The Sons of History Podcast
September 26, 2022
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Constitutional legal scholar and attorney Joe Wolverton joins the podcast to discuss some of the landmark decisions of the 2022 SCOTUS session. But should these cases have been brought to the court in first place? How many wrongs have to be righted before America returns to its rightful place as a federation of individual republics? Tons of history and tons of political wisdom in this discussion.

Joe is a regular contributor to The New American magazine and the author of three works: The Real James Madison; What Degree of Madness?: Madison’s Method to America States Again; and The Founders Recipe. Lastly, and I know we will discuss this, but he is the founder of Amargi Group, which offers “a comprehensive history curriculum that replaces mindless memorization of trivial facts with inspirational stories and engaging and illuminating lessons. Their principle-based courses teach students to use history as a lens through which they see a clearer image of their own time.”

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