What We've Gotten Wrong About the Hundred Years War with Dr. Michael Livingston

The Sons of History Podcast
October 17, 2022
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Understanding history is often contingent on geography. That's never more true than in military history where the location of a battle helps tell the whole story. Dr. Michael Livingston, professor at The Citadel military academy and the author of "Crécy: Battle of Five Kings," joined the podcast to discuss how centuries of hearsay and unwalked battlefields have led historians to get one of the most famous battles of the Hundred Years War wrong. Not only has this led to misunderstanding the battle, but also the entire war and its historical figures - from kings to soldiers.

What if the Battle of Crécy didn't take place where it was always thought to? How would that change our perceptions of the military tactics of the French and English? How would it change our views of its kings? And how would it change our views on one of Europe's most important and longest conflicts - The Hundred Years War? Our interview discusses all of that and more.

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Episode Transcript