Literally, we are just two guys who love history. We also understand the importance of knowing history and learning from it. But more important than knowing and learning history, we believe we should be teaching it to others.

Students and adults alike feel that history is a boring subject. This may be because it is boringly taught or it may be because our attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish (actually scientifically proven). This is why the ultimate objective for The Sons of History is to bring the past to life with historical characters, humor, and, most importantly, accuracy.

History: A Rather Touchy Subject

We completely understand that history can be a touchy and offensive subject, but that’s only because it absolutely is. People from every country and all walks of life have done some pretty terrible things, some more terrible than others, but people have also done some pretty incredible things, some more incredible than others.
Between the two of us, we aren’t afraid to present history as it was, from the terrible to the incredible.

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Why We Need to Learn History

We both went through high school and college and we both asked the same question: Why do I have to learn this? 

When it comes to some subjects, like math and science, there may be a point to that question. But when it comes to history, we learn it because it is us. It may be the actions of other people, but ultimately we are history. We are human nature, and what happened 10, 100, 1000 years ago can and still happens today. Why? Because people have the same emotions and tendencies they’ve always had.

People still crave power at all cost.

People still crave peace at all cost.

People still crave freedom at all cost.

People still crave love at all cost.

People still crave revenge at all cost.

No matter how far removed we are from a historical moment, humanity cannot remove itself from the motives that led to that moment. We can’t change our human nature, but we can learn from it so that we ensure we don’t make the same mistakes our ancestors did. By that same token, we can ensure we make the same right choices our ancestors did.

From American History to World History

In The Sons of History, we will be taking on the roles of historical figures who played integral parts in specific times in history. All of our content is heavily researched and applied. All of our sources, like letters, books, maps, and other historical items, will be displayed so that you can go check the sources yourself and continue learning about a specific subject.

Since we live in America, most of our topics will be about our great country, but we will also venture into other historical topics from around the world.

We hope you enjoy our videos, articles, and everything in between, but more than that, we hope you learn something and share what you’ve learned with others.

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