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Dustin Bass

A love of research and a love of history.

I was born in 1981 - the son of a preacher man. I was born and raised in Houston where I grew up to become a trifecta Houston sports fan (Astros, Rockets, and Texans), a journalist - now small business owner, an author, and a Golden Gloves Champion.

I'm a graduate of Sam Houston State University and was literally the last student to receive a Journalism degree from SHSU (because they had changed the program to Mass Communications by the time I registered to receive my diploma). I was on one of those six-year degree programs.

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Developing a Love for History

Growing up in a pastor’s home paid off in the aspect that I did a lot of reading and research of the Bible. Unfortunately, my study skills with the Bible didn’t really transfer to my studies at school. I did, however, engage studiously in my college journalism program.

I believe studying and learning the Bible created in me a love for history and research. That love assisted me in my job as a journalist as it forced me to research various topics ranging from politics to sports to education. I never enjoyed writing more than when I was engaged in a tough topic that required studying and uncovering little known facts.

After seven years in journalism, I began to have a distaste for where it was headed. The world of journalism has always been political, but quickly and effectively the journalism world began to transform into a hyper-political field of opinion rather than fact. I willingly gave way into the industry of marketing. A few years in, I soon felt the gravitational pull of journalism and began my personal website, which has enabled me the opportunity to write thoroughly researched and detailed articles regarding politics, journalism, education, religion, and more.

A Forgotten History

In 2014, I began conducting research for my second novel. Very unlike my first novel, a fiction noir thriller, this one led me on a journey through the Korean War. By scouring books, old notes and letters, interviewing Korean War soldiers (as well as World War II and Vietnam soldiers), and visiting South Korea, including the DMZ, I learned a valuable lesson about history: it can easily be forgotten.

The Korean War is known as The Forgotten War. Overshadowed by the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, the Forgotten War of Korea seemed destined to be fought by those of the Silent Generation. It became a testament to the fact that many of the world’s most heroic moments can be lost to memory.

So Begins The Sons of History

It was actually through this book that I began my friendship with Alan Wakim, the other Son of History. It is our mutual love for history and understanding of its ever-present importance that has brought us together for what we believe to be a significant and ongoing project: to keep history alive and continually a part of the present and a guide for the future.

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