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Alan Wakim

A man about history.

I was born in a small Oklahoma town to a pilot and political exile father from Lebanon - and a stay-at-home mom in 1967. We later moved to Houston where my family settled.

I am self-educated in history, geography, politics and foreign cultures. In 1974, I began reading history books – starting with the battles of World War Two and the life of President John F. Kennedy. In middle and high school, I immersed myself with the political and military histories of the 20th century, including the contemporary events and political leaders of the Cold War. I found myself easily absorbing the information that came my way.

Before graduating with a BBA from Texas A&M University in 1989, I found my history classes to be the most interesting and, for me, the easiest to excel in.Although I worked in the financial and technical industries, my knowledge of history as a hobby expanded to geography, politics, culture, literature and religion when tied together. This expanded to different periods in world history: classical, medieval, and modern.

Learning History

I have read much of history’s greatest works: from the Bronze Age to Ancient Mesopotamia; the Classical Period of Egypt, Greece and Rome; the Medieval Period from the Collapse of Rome to the Collapse of Constantinople; the Modern Period from the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery; the Wars of the Modern Age in Europe and North America; the Imperial and Civil Wars fought around the globe; the World Wars, the Cold War, and the War on Terror.

Encountering History

I have visited numerous historically significant sites, including: Gettysburg, the beaches of Normandy, Pegasus Bridge, Brandywine Creek, Bastogne, San Jacinto, the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, Alcatraz, Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, the World Trade Center, Wall Street, the Tower of London, Monaco, Eze, Versailles, Nice, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Beirut, Baalbek, Sidon, Tyre, William the Conqueror's Castle in Caan, Hitler's Eagles's Nest in Berchtesgaden, and Beaufort Castle.

One of my favorite hobbies is meeting historical figures or heroes who participated in historical events. The following are just some of the historical figures and heroes I have met: Dick Cole (Doolittle Raider), Tom Griffin (Doolittle Raider), Tom Ferebee (Enola Gay), Dutch Van Kirk (Enola Gay), David “Tex” Hill (Flying Tiger), William “Wild Bill” Guarnere (Easy Company - Band of Brothers), Earl McClung (Easy Company - Band of Brothers), Joe Galloway (author of We Were Soldiers), George “Bud” Day (MOH), Russell Gackenbach (Enola Gay), Mike Kurth (Black Hawk Down), Vincent Bugliosi (Charles Manson’s prosecutor), Bud Anderson (P-51 ace), Fred “Boots” Blesse (F-86 ace), James Swett (MOH), Robert Morgan (Memphis Belle), Glenn McDuffie (Kissing Sailor of Times Square), R. Lee Ermey (Gunnery Sergeant and actor), Charles Don Albury (Bockscar), Fred Olivi (Bockscar), James Megellas (Waal River Crossing), Joe McPhail (Death Rattler and Black Sheep Squadron), Daniel Flores (Apache pilot and author) and RV Burgin (Marine, HBO Series of “The Pacific”, author of Islands of the Damned).

In addition to speaking English, I also speak Arabic, and can read Greek and Russian. I reside in Houston with my wife, Jennifer.

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