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History continues to come under attack. Our mission is to defend history and ensure it is told accurately yet entertainingly.
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Speaking Reviews

Mr. Bass gave a highly informed and energetic illustrated-lecture to a full auditorium that fascinated both professors and students. Guiding us through hundreds of years of Korean history, he helped us understand why the difficulties between the two Koreas (and their allies) remain, despite the devastating consequences to both sides of the eruption of any armed conflict.

- Dr. Danel Olson, professor of English, Lone Star College
Dustin Bass gives me hope for the future and his understanding of current and past events are astounding. Take the time to keep up with Dustin's projects, you won't be disappointed.

- Chris Sadler, owner of Honor Cafe, USMC
Learning about history never gets old. Thank you, Dustin, for coming out for our 'Lunch 'n Learn' to visit with our staff about US history. Your passion for our nation shines through the stories you shared.

- Linda Walsh, co-owner of Taylor Healthcare
Every person should be aware of the roles global philosophers, historians, economic events and social pressures have on our quality of life. These items are inadequately presented by the resources and media used today. Colleges, universities, and public secondary schools courses wold be enhanced by Dustin's talk. The informational research done in the preparation was impressive. The facts of the past are presented to be used to make decisions today.

- Tom Grayson, PhD